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Relax massage comes in a wide variety. It is offered in massage studios and spas, but also by professional independent working masseurs and masseuses. Massage is universally associated with pleasure. A relax massage, also known as relaxation massage, is one of the most frequently requested types of massages that you can get. Relax massage for […]

Tantra Yoga Meditation

Meditation is the art of mindfulness and awareness. This is an art that extends to all of our lives, adding richness and depth to all that we do, say, see, hear, touch or think. Meditation can be still or during exercises, as demonstrated in Tantra videos. Meditation allows us to develop a higher awareness through […]

FAQ’s for Therapists

Here at Relaxing Massage London, we have experienced lots of questions when we just started running the business in London Bayswater area, and we’d like share our knowledge to others who love massage as well but have some doubts. We all have the same questions. Hopefully here you’ll find some answers. Q I have a […]

We will close for Christmas holiday

As usual, around Christmas our London masseuses, operators and rest of our staff take a break. To reload and rejuvenate. Some of our masseuses travel home to spend Christmas with their families. Others stay in London, just to chill out or celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve. Party the night away. I myself will spend […]