Asian massage techniques have been around for thousands of years and many are related to eastern medicine where the whole body is treated. These techniques have energy alignment as their basis and work to create better energy flow in the body. While different techniques are practiced in India and the Far East all of these types of massage can be quite satisfying.

Shiatsu massage was developed in the Far East and is associated most closely with the country of Japan. This kind of massage also works along the energy meridians with the pressure of the thumb and fingers and is similar to reflexology or acupuncture as it works on one particular spot in the body at a time. A shiatsu massage can work out the knots in your muscles as well as improve your circulation rebalance your nervous system and give you a more relaxed feeling.

Thai massage actually originated in India and was brought to Thailand along with Buddhism. It utilizes stretching and deep tissue massage that work the pressure points along the Meridian. Unlike most massage, the client wears loose pajama like clothing and goes through a series of stretches much like yoga. Certain points on the body are then massaged which stimulates blood flow and relaxes the muscles.

The Asian massage technique known as Chinese Tui Na was developed over 5000 years ago and is typically used along with acupuncture. This technique relies on applying pressure at certain points in the body by tapping pressing and needing. Again, this massage therapy works at removing blockages along the energy Meridian.

Chinese Qi Gong massage is very common in Chinese medicine and is regularly used to treat common illnesses. In fact, this 5000 year old method of healing is said to be able to improve health, and slowdown aging as well as release stress, reduce fatigue and relieve aches and pains.

More and more, we find different Asian massage techniques being incorporated in western spas. This is great, because these techniques incorporate ancient healing theories. Therefore, not only will they make you feel less tense they can help improve your health!

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