Being the best Asian massage agency in London, Relax Massage is proud to consistently offer our exclusive Clientele the finest personal massage service in the world, striving for excellence at every point, from our extraordinary massage selection to the truly special masseuses. To protect and enhance your Relax Experience, we earnestly ask you to abide by the following Code of Conduct:

1. Every unique London Relax Massages was created to be RECEIVED and enjoyed. Leave the activity to the Masseuse.

2. Always respect the masseuse personal boundaries — this means, no fondling or groping.

3. Relax Masseuses are highly skilled professionals. They are NOT ESCORTS, nor can they be expected to provide any sexual services. We ask EACH CLIENT to always respect their standing and refrain from soliciting or asking for extra services (NO INTERCOURSE, NO SEXUAL RELATIONS OF ANY SORT). To avoid all doubt, Relax Masseuses are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO CARRY OUT OR ACCEPT PAYMENT FOR SEXUAL SERVICES DURING CLIENT ENGAGEMENT.

4. A  London Relax Massage is always an intense experience. As a consequence, we ask you to attend to personal and intimate hygiene, washing thoroughly just before the masseuse arrival. Improved hygiene will improve the massage experience, enabling the masseuse to participate fully for your greatest pleasure.

Relax Massage keep a rigorous policy on Client misconduct. We respectfully remind EACH CLIENT, existing and new, of the importance of maintaining a PERFECT RECORD FOR BEHAVIOUR AND HYGIENE in order to ensure continued access to our services, as many advanced massages in the Collection are only available by invitation to select Clients with a perfect record.

Relax Massage request EVERY CLIENT, without exception, to abide by and observe the boundaries set forth under Terms of Relaxation.

All behaviour in breach of these Terms must result in an instant and permanent ban from our services.

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