What is Modern Asian massage

I am sure you have heard before that modern meditation techniques such as modern Asian massage are a contemporary version of traditional techniques adapted to oriental full body massage services, whether we are talking about tantra, Tao, Yoga massage or meditation, etc…

the meditation in massage

When we try to picture a Yogi or a oriental massage therapist, we are thinking about this spiritual person, balance, very centered, and yes, half of the time this is true because this person has been working on that for many years – but what about the clients?

When we talk about practitioners working in cities like London, we are talking about practitioners with clients living under the pressure of a materialist society, where half of the time you are what you own. Therefore if clients in general wherever they are come to us already messed up, then in cities like London, Paris, New York, etc, they come to us even more messed up! And if after the session I send you out again with a daisy in your hand and believing the world is a fantastic place to live where everybody is good, you can guarantee someone is going to steal your wallet on the corner, a taxi driver is going to run over you or you are going to die on the metro during the rush hour!

Our levels of stress and the energies needed in order to survive one regular day in the city are a lot higher that the ones needed on a island in Thailand, especially because with the same levels you will be walking over the ocean after the first ten minutes of your morning walk. The techniques needed to bring you down must be very specific, also due to life in a materialistic society, our Ego has tremendous power over our conscious and therefore it takes a lot more strength to switch it off, but you need it therefore it should be brought down to a safe level.

Relaxing Modern Asian massage is the same – the whole session has to be adapted to your needs in your surroundings. I should help you to find yourself but also help you to get back outside feeling stronger not weaker. Therefore it is more a switch off and switch back on action, bringing you down, cleaning your body and then boosting you up again in order for you to get out there to make money and come back soon for another session so I can pay my rent! (Just kidding.) But that’s the game, your needs when you come to us are different each time and different from traditional Asian techniques experienced by clients 1000 years ago, and your needs when you are leaving are also very different, and we have to be consequent with those so you feel great, strong and ready to take on the world again after a modern Asian massage session.