Soho Massage Room

Discover Bliss at Our New Massage Parlour in Soho District

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new massage parlour in the heart of London’s Soho district. Nestled amidst the vibrant streets and historic landmarks, our new location offers a tranquil and luxurious oasis for those seeking a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the bustling Oxford Street, our Soho parlour provides a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Step inside our doors and be transported to a world of indulgent pampering, where our expert therapists will help you unwind and recharge. Read more

How we help to prevent covid19 in massage

How we protect you and therapists from Covid-19

Here at Relaxing Asian massage London, we value your healthy and safety.  In order to protect you from Covid-19 we have reviewed our standard disease-control processes and have revisited and enhanced these practices and protocols.


What steps are Relaxing Asian massage parlour taking to prevent the spread of the Flu and COVID-19 to customers?

These are just some of the steps that we are taking:

  1. Requiring all staff members to pass a Covid-19 Prevention course and performing a practical assessment to ensure they follow the strict guidelines we enforce, including proper handwashing.
  2. Thoroughly wiping down all service rooms and tools with professional disinfectants and cleaning supplies.
  3. Cleaning and disinfecting all washrooms, massage rooms and common areas every hour at a minimum.
  4. Massage therapists wearing gloves during services upon clients request.
  5. All materials continue to be single service use only.
  6. Employee health checks including temperature readings everyday before start to work.
  7. Mandatory masks for all employees.

What precautions should customers take?

  1. We will be pre-screening all clients prior to their appointment to ensure that they are not exhibiting any symptoms.
  2. We request the cooperation of our entire community in maintaining a safe spa environment so we urge anyone that has mild cold or flu-like symptoms to follow the advice of health officials and stay home while sick to help protect others.
  3. Should you need to cancel your appointment, please contact us immediately.

We appreciate your concern and cooperation and Relaxing Asian Massage will continue to monitor the situation and take additional measures if or when they become necessary to ensure the safety of our customers and our massage threapists.

tanatra meditation

10 Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety in Your Life

Stress and anxiety is very real and there’s no escaping it entirely. The key isn’t to try to rid stress and anxiety but to find ways to manage it effectively.

Here we look at the top 10 ways help you control anxiety and stress better so you don’t feel so overwhelmed and drained. Read more

Peaceful Asian massage parlor

An Introduction to Asian massage therapy as a Healing Art

Asian massage therapy is one of the most ancient healing arts still in use today. Chinese records document it’s use over 3,000 years ago. The Egyptians, Hindu’s and Persians all used healing massage as a treatment for a variety of ailments. The Greek physician Hippocrates, often referred to as the father of medicine, wrote papers recommending using friction and rubbing to help with circulatory and joint problems nearly 2,500 years ago.

Today we know the benefits of modern Asian massage therapy to be far reaching and varied. Healing massage is a widely accepted part of many rehabilitation programs, and has also been shown to benefits other areas, such as:

Read more

the meditation in massage

What is Modern Asian massage

I am sure you have heard before that modern meditation techniques such as modern Asian massage are a contemporary version of traditional techniques adapted to oriental full body massage services, whether we are talking about tantra, Tao, Yoga massage or meditation, etc…

the meditation in massage

When we try to picture a Yogi or a oriental massage therapist, we are thinking about this spiritual person, balance, very centered, and yes, half of the time this is true because this person has been working on that for many years – but what about the clients?

When we talk about practitioners working in cities like London, we are talking about practitioners with clients living under the pressure of a materialist society, where half of the time you are what you own. Therefore if clients in general wherever they are come to us already messed up, then in cities like London, Paris, New York, etc, they come to us even more messed up! And if after the session I send you out again with a daisy in your hand and believing the world is a fantastic place to live where everybody is good, you can guarantee someone is going to steal your wallet on the corner, a taxi driver is going to run over you or you are going to die on the metro during the rush hour!

Our levels of stress and the energies needed in order to survive one regular day in the city are a lot higher that the ones needed on a island in Thailand, especially because with the same levels you will be walking over the ocean after the first ten minutes of your morning walk. The techniques needed to bring you down must be very specific, also due to life in a materialistic society, our Ego has tremendous power over our conscious and therefore it takes a lot more strength to switch it off, but you need it therefore it should be brought down to a safe level.

Relaxing Modern Asian massage is the same – the whole session has to be adapted to your needs in your surroundings. I should help you to find yourself but also help you to get back outside feeling stronger not weaker. Therefore it is more a switch off and switch back on action, bringing you down, cleaning your body and then boosting you up again in order for you to get out there to make money and come back soon for another session so I can pay my rent! (Just kidding.) But that’s the game, your needs when you come to us are different each time and different from traditional Asian techniques experienced by clients 1000 years ago, and your needs when you are leaving are also very different, and we have to be consequent with those so you feel great, strong and ready to take on the world again after a modern Asian massage session.

Oriental massage or Asian massage?

Me and my business partner had an argument about the use of the phrase: ‘Asian massage’ or ‘Oriental Massage’. I saw many businesses use ‘Asian massage’ as their business name while others chose ‘Oriental Massage’, so what is the different between Asian and Oriental exactly?

Does it being racialism when use the word ‘oriental’ ? (I don’t believe so)  I check on internet and find some interesting explain about Asian and oriental.

The word “Oriental” comes from the Latin “orient,” meaning Eastern. This term originates from the Eurocentric view that all Asian peoples are located to the East in relation to the speaker. Using such terminology puts European culture at the center of the world, naming all other cultures in terms of their relation to Europe.

As a result, “Oriental” is considered an outdated and politically incorrect word to describe people from East and Southeast Asia as of 2015. Current usage describes other cultures in the terms they use to describe themselves. This ensures that the speaker demonstrates respect for other cultures.

The more acceptable way to describe someone is by their country of origin. Using the term “Chinese” for a person known to be from China is more acceptable than calling that person “Oriental.” Both New York State and Washington have eliminated the term “Oriental” from all official government documents and forms because of its loaded implications.


More explain…

Oriental simply means “Eastern”. “Asian” localizes the place to the specific set of countries that we associate with this part of the world.

In general, when speaking of a person’s ethnic origin, the more specific you can be, the better, since it shows that you know him/her and are not just stereotyping him/her. So, for example, it is better to say that he/she is Chinese, not just Asian, or that he/she was born in Xiamen, Fujian province, China.

If you aren’t sure what country a person is from, the next most specific term is Asian, since it refers to a certain group of countries.

Oriental is much more vague, and has become a term that is acceptable only when talking about things, not people.


After consider all the argument we’ve came across…we think that if we talk about masseuse and therapists, we should use Asian, and when we talk about massage skills/types, we need to use ‘oriental’ as it is term for things…

So what should we use when we have a business of Asian massage therapists offering ‘oriental style’ massage?

Still very hard to decide…

So finally we use ‘Relaxing Asian oriental massage‘ for our business name.


Thai Massage has Many Benefits

Relaxing Asian massage offers thai massage treatment to customers in London, the thai style massage is a powerful Asian massage treatment which will bring you relaxing experience and also comes with many benefits.

When a person experiences a Thai massage, they also experience the benefits that go along with it. What are some of the benefits you could see with a Thai massage, and it is the right kind of massage for you?

What Kind Of Benefits Do People Experience With The Thai Massage

The massage places a soft amount of pressure on the energy lines and uses yoga-like stretching to ensure the entire body feels relaxed on a deep level. Due to this level of relaxation, the receiver’s personal outlook and emotional state get better. The deep sleep enables the body to heal itself physically, letting a person feel refreshed when they wake up.

It helps to decrease a person’s stress levels and better their body’s circulation. This state happens when a person moves through various yoga-like positions. It helps improve their flexibility for a better range of motion, decreasing the muscle strain and stress and avoiding trip and fall accidents.

With the slow motions that the massage offers, the mind and spirit can slow down and experience total relaxation. The massage focuses on the person, which allows them to relieve their stress and stabilize their blood pressure. A person who is stressed out can suffer from heart problems. A massage can change how they react to stressors, and by reducing the reactions to them, they can reduce their chances for suffering from heart problems.

The real Asian Thai massage lets people experience true relaxation. The stress washes out of their muscles and provides you with higher energy levels. With healthy muscles and higher energy levels, a person can maintain a healthy weight. It will reduce their blood sugar levels and stop the commencement of type 2 diabetes and help with type one diabetes maintenance.

The Thai massage will boost the circulatory system, increasing the body’s circulation. With better circulation, it also increases the oxygen levels to the brain, reducing the amount of headaches and migraines a person suffers with. With better circulation, there’s little chance for blood clotting to occur in the arteries.

In essence, the Thai massage will rejuvenate the body. It helps to bring the body and mind some clarity, and that’s extremely important to feeling better overall.

Energy Lines: What Are They?

Thai massage energy lines

the energy lines

Energy lines are invisible lines that cannot be structurally confirmed and are supposed to flow through the whole body to ensure health and energy. It’s thought there are 72,000 lines, but according to Thais, there are 10 key lines that can adequately treat the entire body and organs.

It’s a spiritual practice and belief. When the flow of energy is blocked or restricted, it can lead to disease or sickness. In order to clear the restrictions, Thai massage applies pressure with manipulation, muscle stretching and adjustments in a full-body works to improve the body’s overall well-being and health.

Relaxing Japanese Massage – To Refresh Your Senses

We have masseuse come from Japan offer you this authentic Japanese massage – enjoy today , experience the sense of Japan in London.

Those, who are very busy in their daily life, often think that only sleeping can give them relaxation. But, they should remember that receiving a body massage can also be the best means to get the comfort. The special Japanese massages of London Relaxing Asian massage will help you to avoid the anxieties, and among all the types of massages available, conventional Japanese massage is most preferred by gentlemen who love Japanese culture.

Japanese massage London

How a Japanese massage can give a sense of peace

It includes the relaxation massage of your muscles, in order to help you in easing out the tension; however, it is done with a very delicate touch of applying softer and more moderate touch. The masseuses in Relaxing Asian massage company will tenderly touch you in every portion of your body, and you will see that their touch can arouse the sensual pleasures within your mind.

According to the field research from LSM London massage institution, the benefits of this massage are immense. This prolonged enjoyment, and the unity of your mind and body will help you to eliminate the daily strain, and assists in transcending your mind in order to get inner peace, accord, love, sensual expansion, as well as harmony with the real aim, of sexual confidence.

Japanese full body massage

This kind of experience can help to make your zeal grow deeper and stronger. This helps to support your divine self with your own physical self, thus you can turn out to be emotionally rich. Such kind of unity, in fact, makes Relaxing Asian massage very extraordinary and also different from all other modes of massages. When you recognize the intensity of delight, you may be able to develop the lovemaking skills. At the same time, your body senses will gain life. To book a Japanese massage in London, contact us now.

How To Arrange The Perfect Asian massage

An Asian massage is not just a fantastic and unique experience; it is also an eccentric stress reduction method and a perfect way to spoil yourself. Asian massages are known to be far more relaxing and stress alleviating than any other form of massage. Unlike normal massages, you actually have full control over your situation, location and you can select the person who will be performing the Asian massage. Relaxing London has a lot of massage packages that you can consider and if you are still not satisfied with the available massage proceedings then you can arrange a tailor fit package to suit your every sensuous massage desire.


the massage parlour

If you are planning on arranging a massage for yourself or perhaps for you and a few friends then you need to take special care in selecting the perfect location. Masseuses of Relaxing massage London have absolutely no problem in travelling to the location. To ensure you get the most out of your Asian massage in city, it would be best to find a private location so you can be relaxed and be yourself while you are being pleasured beyond belief. Of course you can also visit massage parlour in central London, please contact us to make an appointment before you visit our massage parlour.

How to set the mood

set the mood for asian massage

Music – The masseuses trained by Relaxing Asian Massage in London know exactly how to set the mood but you can make the atmosphere even more lusting by supplying romantic mood music to sooth your thoughts.
Scented oils – Aromatic scented oils will calm your senses. There is a wide variety of calming cents and scented body massaging oils that will relax all your muscles.
Candle light – Tea candles will create a romantic and lustful haven that will carry you away from your stressful surroundings and transform your world.
Drinks – What better way to celebrate a wonderful and adventurous evening than with champagne? A drink will take the edge off and will help you relax much quicker. For more information visit here.

Those Who Suffer From Jet-Lag: There’s Relief In A Great Massage

use massage to overcome jetlag

Your business has you traveling around the world on a constant basis.  Is there any relief from your deeply embedded jet-lag?  Yes, it’s call a really great massage!

Jet-lag is something people handle differently, some are seriously affected while others not much at all.  It’s more than a matter of being worn out, your body is desperately trying to find out what time it is!  Jet-lag disrupts your body’s natural time clock causing stress, fatigue, memory loss, insomnia, irritation, nausea and the list goes on.

Studies have shown that a professional massage will actually help your body heal.  The best massage for jet-lag is incorporating essential oils such as lavender.  A massage will improve your circulation, enhance your general well-being and put a bounce back in your step!

Jet-lag messes with your internal clock causing a world of health issues.  A really good massage will help that internal clock get back in sync with the real world.  Too often, people who suffer from jet-lag resort to way too much coffee or other caffeinated drinks.  Others rely on over-the-counter medications to either help them sleep or keep them awake.  One, these medications are very short term help and, overall, are bad for your health.

One of the very best massages for jet-lag is the Swedish & Acupressure, paying strict attention to neck, shoulders, legs and calves.  This should be followed by a marvelous Indian Head massage.  This massage will do wonders for your mind that has been in fuzzy mode since jet-lag set in.  It also relieves the physical effects from jet-lag, offering a great deal of well-being. Our London Thai massage is also a great way to overcome a jetlag, get a full body Asian massage with one of our masseuse which will relax your body and mind and give you a sweet dream after the session.

If you are in a serious slump from jet-lag and feel it’s too much trouble to get to a massage session, consider contacting Relaxing Massage,.  They will come to your home for a great massage session.  You can also book a London visiting massage appointment, in advance, and have a therapist come to your home or workplace, when you finally get off that great jet in the sky!