Tantra Yoga Meditation

Meditation is the art of mindfulness and awareness. This is an art that extends to all of our lives, adding richness and depth to all that we do, say, see, hear, touch or think.

Meditation can be still or during exercises, as demonstrated in Tantra videos. Meditation allows us to develop a higher awareness through the inner eye, or the third eye of intuition – our inner voice or the voice of god or nature, and the inner ear or the ear that can hear the sounds of silence.

Meditation allows our spirit to grow and develop into super awareness. This higher consciousness allows us to connect to our true self to find peace and accept “I am that”. Om tat sat.

Meditation is an inner journey and exploration to find our true karma… who we are and who we become.

tantic yoga

Tantra Massage Meditation is the art of joining two souls…

yoking the body, yoking the mind, yoking the spirit,

and finding the sublime connection. This is the inner joining of our true self (not the ego self). This is where bliss unfolds. We utilize our senses to help us find this bliss.

We can meditate with our eyes, gazing upon Shri Yantra
We can meditate with sound. We love to listen to music during meditation to help us on this journey.
We can use scent, including fine quality incense and aromatherapy, such as Ruh Booty to invoke our sensuality.
For taste, we delight in the partaking of tea with Edible Chocolates sweet to replenish the energy. Better yet, we

For touch, sensuous treasures from the sea invite your bliss within and without.
Sogyal Rinpoche’s said:
“We are so addicted to looking outside ourselves, that we have lost access to our inner being almost completely. We are terrified to look inward, because our culture has given us no idea of what to find. We may even think that if we meditate, we will be in danger of madness. This is one of the last and most resourceful ploys of the ego to prevent us from discovering our real nature. So, we make our lives so hectic that we eliminate the slightest risk of looking into ourselves…. In a world dedicated to distraction, silence and stillness terrify us.”

from “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying”
In the tantric meditation,
we try to develop wisdom, learn to observe our own mind, decrease negative mind states and develop positive mind states. To develop wisdom and insight, we need a calm, clear and concentrated mind. To observe our own mind, we need to develop a kind of inner “spy” – a part of our attention that checks our state of mind. To decrease negative mind states we need to understand where they come from and transform them into positive energy with the wisdom developed from observing our own mind. To develop positive mind states, we need to focus away from selfishness and again develop wisdom by observing our own mind.
“Tantra meditation activates many powerful subtle energies in our body and mind and, if we do not have any mental training or discipline, this excess energy will take the path of least resistance through our negative emotions of attachment, jealousy, pride, egotism, and so on”
Lama Ganchen
His Holiness the Dalai Lama explains in ‘An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life’:
“Though not physical, our states of mind also come about by causes and conditions, much the way things in the physical world do. It is therefore important to develop familiarity with the mechanics of causation. The substantial cause of our present state of mind is the previous moment of mind. Thus, each moment of consciousness serves as the substantial cause of our subsequent awareness. The stimuli experienced by us, visual forms we enjoy or memories we a react to, are the cooperative conditions that give our state of mind its character. As with matter, by controlling the conditions, we affect the product: our mind. Meditation should be a skillful method of doing just this, applying particular conditions to our minds in order to bring about the desired effect, a more virtuous mind.”

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