What is Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage: What Is It and How Can It Help You

Indian head massage – sounds a little silly, right? However, this divine practice can actually help promote relaxation in your body. However, you shouldn’t just see it as a treat because it’s far more than that!

indian head Asian massage

Understanding What The Indian Head Massage Is and How Does It Help

The Indian head massage is a type of famed Asian massage treatment in London which based on the Ayurvedic healing system, and originated from India. And, it’s a type of massage that’s garnering a lot of attention here in the Western culture.  This type of massage helps with an array of emotional and physical problems, and a great way to relax.

There are all kinds of things this type of massage can do:

  • Decrease number of headaches
  • Reduce the pain felt in your back
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Fuel lymphatic drainage to cleanse the body
  • Experience less insomnia
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Alleviate sleeplessness

It can also help in increasing memory, and energy levels while reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Who Can Benefit From The Massage?

Pregnant women – women beyond their first trimester – would benefit immensely from it since the sitting position is far more comfortable when dealing with their baby bump.  It’s also ideal for people who are overly shy or are scared to just take off their clothes but still want to relax. If you are experiencing a headache, an indian Head massage could also helps you to relief from the suffer.

How Long Does The Indian Head Massage and How Is It Carried Out?

A majority of Indian head massages will last up to 60 minutes, usually depending upon the amount of problems you want to focus on during a session.  The massage is carried out when you’re sitting down, using the acupressure and shiatsu methods. It’s used on various body parts:

  • Face
  • Head
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Upper back

Add to the experience by using oil on your scalp.

The Indian head massage is ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend sitting down to get a massage. However, it can help to relax you and make you feel at east.

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We will close for Christmas holiday

As usual, around Christmas our London masseuses, operators and rest of our staff take a break. To reload and rejuvenate. Some of our masseuses travel home to spend Christmas with their families. Others stay in London, just to chill out or celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve. Party the night away.

I myself will spend Christmas at home with my family and go to a fantastic New Years Eve Party with a few friends. I think we all deserve that. This year our sweet and very loyal girls have given a lot of erotic massages. To customers from all over the world as well as to London residents who were in need of a relaxing sensual massage to unwind form hectic city life. Now they all take a break and will come back in the new year. Chilled out, fresh and highly motivated. To perform the best massages you have ever had. To make you relax in every way. So, before our masseuses take their break, you still have the opportunity to treat yourself to one of our relaxing massages: erotic, sensual and super relaxing. Pick up the phone and book. We will make sure that it will be the most memorable and heavenly massage experience of 2014.

You can book till December 22. Our London office will be closed from December 23. We will re-open January 4, 2015. Stay happy. Enjoy these last few weeks of 2011 and make the best of it.



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